Monday, September 9, 2013

A Monster-Sized Anniversary

Over at Mysterious Universe, I have a new article that tells a very weird story- but one that is little-known outside of the UK - of a series of events that began in Wales a quarter of a century ago this week. How would I describe it? Maybe like "Animal Mutilations meet the Lambton Worm!"

Here's how the article begins:

"Twenty-five years ago this very week, a  deeply strange series of events kicked-off in Rhayader, which just happens to be the oldest town in mid-Wales. The location for all the unsettling weirdness was highly appropriate, since the town and its immediate surroundings are steeped in centuries-old myths, legends, fables and folklore. On top of that, the area is peppered with ancient, standing stones, which were carved and put into place by the ancients.

"Numerous axe-heads, many dating back more than 5,000 years, have been unearthed from the green fields of Rhayader. On top of that, back in 1899, on the town’s Gwastedyn Hill,  a wealth of fine, gold treasures and jewels was dug up. It was a discovery that led to theories that the priceless find had once been the belongings of a long-dead, 5th century princess – one Rowena, who was the wife of a local and ruthless ruler of that bygone era, High King Vortigern."

And here's the complete article...

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