Friday, September 27, 2013

Airports and Implants

Well, yesterday morning I had to fly from Dallas down to Houston on business, and both on the way out and on the way back, I had to go thru those full-body scanners.

On the outward one from Dallas, I got flagged because the scanner picked up something in my back, but after a search they said "Well, there's nothing there." Which I knew anyway!

Then, on the way back, when I got scanned at Houston, the machine flagged something in both my wrists! Again, of course, there was nothing there.

I made a joke with the staff that it must be due "alien implants" which gave the staff a good laugh, but which was then followed by a question to me; "So what do you know about alien implants?"

I replied, "Oh quite a bit, as I write books about UFOs, aliens and stuff like that."

And, so, as it was quiet, I had a fun, but surreal, chat with airport security about aliens, implants, how they might be detected and more.

Just another weird day!

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