Thursday, September 19, 2013

World War Z

Well, last night, I finally got around to watching World War Z, which I thought was bloody good! It was very different to the novel it's based on.
In the book, the story is set specifically AFTER the zombie outbreak has been contained, whereas in the movie it's erupting everywhere.
And the zombies in the book are the slow walking types of Night of the Living Dead. In the movie they are not just fast, they're like speeding trains!
Plus, in the book the zombies actually eat their victims, whereas in the film, they are just driven to spread the virus and then move on to the next person.
The only real downside was the "13" certificate, which meant the amount of blood and gore was kept to a minimum. Come on, it's a zombie film, there SHOULD be blood and gore!
The best bit? When a literal tower of zombies climb (like an army of ants) a newly-created, giant wall to keep the dead out of Jerusalem. For the people of Jerusalem, the wall was not such a good idea, after all...

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  1. Great review Nick. Impressive and fun, but not as a good as it’s first 20 minutes promised.