Monday, September 30, 2013

Beyond Area 51

Interested in secret places with potential UFO links that extend beyond Area 51? If the answer is "yes," then you may want to check out the new book from Mack Maloney, which is titled - very appropriately - Beyond Area 51.

There's a new review of the book from me at Mysterious Universe, which begins...

"One of the biggest puzzles concerning secret military-, government- and intelligence-based facilities is this: Why do so many of these classified installations seemingly attract far more than their fair share of UFOs? There are, I believe, several possibilities. The first is that if the stories of crashed UFOs in the hands of officialdom are valid, then it may be the case that what we are seeing in the skies above these bases are attempts by military project personnel to test-fly captured UFOs.

"There is another more ominous possibility, however. Again, if UFOs really have crashed to earth, perhaps the nonhuman intelligences behind the phenomena are aware that their craft and dead (and possibly even living) comrades are held at these fortified bases and are testing the defenses of such places for the day when they plan to claim back what is theirs."

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