Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Creating Our Own Reality

"As someone who has had far more than a few weird experiences over the years – particularly in relation to matters of a synchronistic nature – I often find myself pondering on reality. Or, perhaps, more correctly, pondering on what we consider to be reality. I can’t help feeling at times that we are living in (or, perhaps, trapped in!) a strange world of proportions not unlike those portrayed in The Matrix or Dark City. In both films, what passes for the real world is actually nothing of the sort.

"And it’s on the nature of reality that I want to focus right now. On more than a few occasions, I have come across examples where matters of a purely fictional nature seem to suddenly spring to life in the real world. If such things aren’t just down to random chance and coincidence (and I really don’t think they are), then there is something deeply strange afoot. I do not pretend to know how or why such things can be, but I can highlight two – of many – examples for you."

Yep, it's an extract from another Mysterious Universe article from me (that digs deep into the world of Quatermass and the Pit, out-of place-pterodactyls, and spectral, hairy wild-men deep in the old tunnels of the London Underground - quite a combination!), which is readable right here.

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