Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Parachuting Mothman??!!

There's a strange story (wait, let me correct that, a seriously strange story) doing the rounds that Mothman's appearance in the 1960s at Point Pleasant, West Virginia was provoked by military parachutists covered in luminous paint!

Er...okay. But, correct me if I'm wrong, while Mothman's eyes might have been highly illuminated (or reflective), I'm not aware of cases suggesting Mothman's entire body was aglow!

You can find the story right here, where it is dissected in fine style by Regan Lee.


  1. Now Nick, lemme just start by stating that I too feel this 'explanation' falls *way* too short in answering ALL the weirdness that befell upon Point Pleasant prior to the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

    But, in the service of Devil's Advocacy, I seem to recall how you yourself once proposed a very mundane solution to the Flatwoods monster case, as a possible psy-ops test involving tricks devised by Maskeline in Italy during WWII.

    Well, it's just that it seems rather odd seeing you flat-out rejecting an alternative explanation ;)

    So tell me, what would make you consider this theory more seriously?



  2. Hey Miguel, The reason why I don't buy this theory is very simple: The writer says the parachutists were covered in luminous paint on their bodies. But Mothman did not have a luminous body. Only its eyes shone, or were highly reflective. If people were talking about winged creatures with brightly glowing bodies, I would take more of an interest. But, by stating that the soldiers WERE luminous shoots down the whole theory when it's at variance with the witness testimony.

    1. Not to mention Mothman pursued the two kids & was able to keep along with their car.

      So the question is: Why now? Why try to come up with an event from 1967 which in 2014 only interests tinfoil hatters?