Thursday, January 2, 2014

Unconventional Aircraft

There's a new Mysterious Universe article online from me, which begins like this:

"While the British Government has declassified into the public domain literally thousands of pages of documents on UFOs, many of the dossiers are fairly tame in terms of content. There is one file, however – a file that I found while digging through old records held at the National Archives, Kew, England in 1999 – that hardly ever gets a mention. Why, exactly, I have no idea, since it’s one of the most important UK-UFO files to have ever surfaced officially.

"The file is titled Unconventional Aircraft and is of interest and significance for a number of reasons. First, much of the material contained within it was classified at Secret level (with a considerable number of papers stamped Top Secret). Second, the file makes it very clear that the Air Ministry was not the only department involved in the UFO subject during the late 1940s. And third, there is evidence to show that, at the time, the British Government was monitoring the UFO subject on what was, quite literally, a global scale."

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