Monday, January 13, 2014

Chupacabras Versus Chupacabras

My latest Mysterious Universe article is on the subject of the Chupacabras. Or, rather, it's on the subject of the two Chupacabras: the Puerto Rican original and the Texan equivalent. Are they the same animal? Are they totally different? And if the latter, how did they come to share the same name?

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  1. I think we should definitely talk about several Chupacabras, Nick. Not just the classical Puerto Rican one & the modern hairless canids roaming the South-west of the United States.

    I remember that the testimony of the Mexican farmers who reported having seen the Chupacabras --or what they decided to call the Chupacabras-- in 1996 was somewhat varied. Sometimes the witnesses would describe something like a mix between a dog & a kangaroo --or a dog that could stand in its hind legs-- & sometimes the creature reported was like a giant bat-like creature.

    Here's an interesting 'blast from the past': a video from the old TV program Primer Impacto from 1996, describing an alleged attack on a human victim in Mexico.



  2. Thanks Miguel, I'll check out the link. Best,Nick