Monday, January 6, 2014

Roswell, MIB, and Multiple Realities

Here's how my latest Mysterious Universe article begins:

"If there is only one thing we can say with any certainty about the infamous events that occurred outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947, it’s that there are multiple theories for what happened. And no-one can offer any real, hard evidence that definitively nails things one way or the other. Of course, Ufology has always been like that. But, Roswell seems to typify that aspect of the UFO phenomenon like no other case."

The article continues: "The many and varied scenarios involve a crashed UFO, a fallen weather balloon, a Mogul balloon used in the detection of Soviet atomic-bomb tests, an experiment based around high-altitude balloons and Japanese people, some sort of atomic mishap, a Soviet ruse involving mutated kids, crash-test dummies, a flying-wing experiment, a craft flown by time-travelers from our future, a vehicle created by an ancient terrestrial race that lives deep underground in vast caverns, and even a demonic, Trojan Horse-style deception."

With so many theories out there, they clearly cannot all be correct, can they? Well, what if, yes, they definitely are all real? If so, how could that possibly be? Read on...

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