Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The "Welsh Roswell" - 40th Anniversary

There's a new Mysterious Universe article from me on what is without doubt one of the most controversial UFO cases of all time. And it starts like this...

"January 23, 2014 will mark the 40th anniversary of a curious event that occurred in North Wales and which – for some, at least – has become known as the “Welsh Roswell.” To be sure, it’s a very strange story, one filled with all manner of threads and themes, some of a very down to earth nature, and others that would have had Fox Mulder absolutely foaming at the mouth. It goes like this:

"On the night of January 23, 1974, numerous people in and around the North Wales village of Llandrillo reported seeing strange lights in the sky. The lights were accompanied by additional reports that suggested something had slammed violently into the huge Berwyn Mountains range that dominates the area. The police responded, but reportedly found nothing. Even the Royal Air Force got involved in the search for…well, who knows what? They too came up blank."

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