Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A British Winged Thing

Well, since the world didn't end on December 21 (did anyone, aside from total dicks, really think it would?), it's time to get back to it.
Here's my latest Mysterious Universe post, on what might be termed some sort of weird British Mothman.

It starts like this...
"The Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia; Cornwall, England’s Owlman; the Houston Batman of Texas; the legendary Thunderbirds that populate Native American lore; and the flying woman of Vietnam: they all have one thing in common, namely that they are undeniably weird winged things that have no business surfing the skies of our planet. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not! Indeed, the sheer wealth of testimony on record suggests that’s exactly what they – and many more of their monstrous ilk – are doing.
"And while the critters cited above are all well known to the field of Forteana, many others are not, including one I investigated more than a decade or so ago in central England, and which is way up there in the truly weird stakes. So, where to begin? There’s only one place we can: the beginning of course…'

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  1. The Mothman is a very old legend in Cornwall. It was given fresh impetus a few years ago (but before the Hollywood Movie) by a couple of girls who supposeldy saw it when they were camping. Nice site BTW.