Saturday, January 19, 2013

Adam Davies on BoA

Tim Binnall emailed me yesterday with the details of the latest episode of his Binnall of America show. And, if you're into Cryptozoology, you won't want to miss it.

Here's the info from Tim:

Adam Davies
The 2012 Sumatra & USA Expeditions
2 Hours, 7 Minutes

Wrapping up our annual traditions, we welcome renowned cryptozoologist Adam Davies back to BoA:Audio for a debriefing on his 2012 expeditions to Sumatra and America. Regarding the Sumatra trip, we'll discuss how the TV program Finding Bigfoot fueled the latest expedition, the latest info on the ongoing quest to prove the existence of the Orang Pendek, the potential for significant DNA findings to be revealed in 2013 and much more. Then, during our lengthy discussion on Adam's American journey, he will recount the amazing happenings from the visit, which included numerous vocalizations from an unknown creature as well as the controversial trail cam photo of a mysterious entity which caused a massive stir in cryptozoology. Along the way, we'll discuss a myriad of crypto topics like Melba Ketchum and the British Bigfoot. Akin to a reunion with an old friend at a local pub, Adam Davies returns to BoA:Audio for a rollicking conversation recounting his adventures of 2012 and covering a wealth of cryptozoological topics.

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