Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Russian Wild Man

There haven't been many posts from me for the past week or so, and for good reason: I was down with the flu, which coincided with being down to the deadline on submitting my next manuscript to the publisher!

Fortunately, the flu is gone and the book is done! So, it's back to regular posting.

Here's how I start my latest Lair of the Beasts column at

"Across what used to be Soviet Central Asia, as far west as what are parts of Europe, and as far east as Mongolia, reports have long proliferated of hairy creatures known as Almas or Almasty that seem to be far more akin to men than they do apes; although they reputedly demonstrate clear and undeniable characteristics of both.
"Opinion is acutely divided upon what these beasts are, or may be. It is deeply tempting to theorize that they may be surviving pockets of our closest relative - the Neanderthals - who supposedly died out in the later part of the Pleistocene epoch, more familiarly known as the Ice Age."

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