Thursday, January 24, 2013

Magonia Reviews Monster Diary

Over at the Magonia blog, Peter Rogerson reviews my Monster Diary book and definitely captures the flavor of the story!

You can find the review right here.

There is one issue I have with the review, however, and it's spelled out in the statement below, which I have also posted in the Comments section of the review at the Magonia blog.

My comment reads as follows:

"Hey Peter,

"Cheers for the fine review!

"Just one quibble: Re the interviewees and the matter of '...I leave it to the reader’s imagination as to whether these characters are fictions created by Redfern for dramatic effect...', it's worth noting the following:

"Every interview/interviewee was digitally recorded. Plus, all the interviewees have to sign waivers to avoid 'trouble' with the publisher, and to confirm they are fine with the way they are presented. So, each and every one is indeed a real person with waivers kept on file etc.

"And where you say of the interviewees, '...they have an uncanny knack of sharing Nick’s interests and beliefs...', it's worth noting that I interview plenty of people every year who don't agree with me on Fortean topics. But, as they are wrong, I don't use their data.

"So, it's more correct to say I don't just get endless accounts of what I want to hear, but I also get numerous accounts that I massively disagree with, but that don't see the light of day."

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