Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mysterious and Magical Cats

And there's one more new post from me at Mysterious Universe, which I penned just before Christmas, and which focuses on a great new book from Karl Shuker.

Here's the opening words...

"Beyond any shadow of a doubt, one of the leading seekers of strange creatures in the world today is Dr. Karl Shuker, who hails only a couple of miles from where I grew up in central England. But, Karl is not only a fine cryptozoologist. He’s an excellent author, too. And, right now, he has a new book out (yep, just in time for Christmas!) that should be of keen interest to anyone and everyone with an interest in strange creatures, folklore, magical tales, and Forteana. Its title: Cats of Magic, Mythology, and Mystery.

"Gathered together for the very first time, and between the covers of one single volume, are countless stories that will astound and intrigue you. Indeed, be prepared to be thoroughly amazed, and totally captivated, by a spellbinding array of truly extraordinary, exceptional cats of every imaginable – and even unimaginable – variety. And it’s Britain’s CFZ Press – the publishing arm of Jonathan Downes’ Center for Fortean Zoology - that we have to thank for publishing Karl’s book."

And here's where you can read the full article on the book, which, if Cryptozoology and weird beasts are your thing, you should definitely get hold of!

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