Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Hammer Top 10

My latest post over at EHow.co.uk: on the subject of my favorite horror films from the legendary company of Hammer...


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE5vjwaHPsQ

    Plague of the Zombies part 1

    Yeah thks Nick. I'm just gonna watch this before I even finish the rest of your list. I'm a big Hammer fan.

    Started NASA conspiracy book -- awesome!! The flying triangle contactee story is mind-blowing considering again I saw one of these craft up close. Chilling to consider the possibility.

    I don't know -- your book has me reeling. I still go for the secret military angle but so far the two top choices ...well you know. Anyway so I wish you'd publish some of the actual FOIA files you get -- just to back up these amazing aka "extreme" claims. Holy smokes.

    Anyway it makes for riveting reading. Specially the bizarre clothing. Some kind of alien fetish? haha.

  2. yeah i will re foia docs but got to get new scanner first, my old one was cheap and crappy and didnt last lol. so got to save for a good one and will then post those mkultra docs etc we were talking about earlier.

    1. Oh wow -- you remember that? haha. I almost forgot! Yeah -- I think maybe that blonde haired triangle UFO pilot in Aztec NM - could have been some sort of military disinfo also considering the dude contacted was in astrophysics or something. A good target.

      Anyway I just got Dennis McKenna's DMT book -- based on his brother Terrance -- and I even talked to Dennis quite a bit. I blogged on it http://fulllotusqigong.blogspot.com about seeing a spiritual electromagnetic healing master in person also!! Ah forgot to ask him about UFOs and aliens, etc. haha. Will do next time though.