Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Bipedal Wolf in the United States?

There's a very controversial, new Mysterious Universe article from me. It begins...

"As readers of Mysterious Universe will know, one of the things that particularly fascinates me is the matter of werewolves. Not in mythology. Not in folklore. And not in the movies. We’re talking about werewolves in…reality. Of course, most people scoff at such a fantastic scenario. But, the fact is that there is an undeniably huge body of data on record that suggests these things do exist. Check out the excellent, published work of Linda Godfrey and you’ll see what I mean.

"Now, when I talk about werewolves, I’m most definitely not referring to people who literally shape-shift from human to wolf, sprout hair and fangs, and then change back again. I’m talking about creatures that appear to be wolves of some kind, but that have the ability to walk on their back legs – as in upright form, and not unlike us. Could it really be the case that an unrecognized type of bipedal wolf calls the United States its home?"

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  1. Great Mysterious Universe article Nick. I had no idea that Thylacines could move around only on their hind legs. Thanks for teaching me something today!