Thursday, February 19, 2015

John Keel's Diet Book!

No, that's not a joke!

Here's New Saucerian Books to tell you all about it (and here's a link to the book):

New Saucerian proudly presents John Keel's suppressed classic, "The Invisible Diet," in which he shares "classified" health secrets rumored to have been developed by either the CIA or NSA, specifically for their agents in the field.

In these pages, Keel provides forbidden advice on how to: lose weight unnoticed; quit smoking; say goodbye to your dentist and doctor; improve cognitive ability and focus; grow spiritually; have more sex; and generally avoid surveillance.

If you are wondering if this is yet another quack self-help book, you are wrong! The proof is in the pudding. No one can look at the life of John A. Keel and not see success. Raised poor on a rural farm in upstate New York, Keel arrived in New York City with less than a dollar in his pocket, yet rose to prominence and lived to be a ripe old age, freely enjoying the benefits of licensing his thought-provoking work to Hollywood.

To many, Keel became a modern-day Mark Twain - a maverick who dared speak the uncomfortable truth. Nowhere is this cantankerousness more on display than in this special reprint, where, along with Dr. Ogden Pearl and editor Andy Colvin, Keel peels back the veil on both the health industry and our own subconscious desires. With his usual trademark wit, Keel entertainingly lays out the perfect formula for those ready to "go invisible" and reach renewed vitality.

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