Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Conan Doyle and an Enduring Mystery

There's one more new Mysterious Universe article from me. It's on a subject I have a great deal of interest in: mysterious and controversial "horse mutilations" that occurred in the early 1900s, and only a couple of miles from where I lived as a kid.

The article focuses on the man who the local police blamed for the crime, but who may well have been innocent. His name: George Edalji.

The reason I mention this now, and why it's the subject of my latest MU article, is because British TV have just made a major, 3-part fictional series on the Edalji affair, which begins next week. It will be broadcast in the US, too, in the near future.

Keep a look out for it, titled Arthur and George.

"Arthur" is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - the creator of Sherlock Holmes - who was one of the key figures who helped ensure that Edalji was released from prison early.

There's a chapter in my Monster Diary book that addresses the very weird cryptozoology-themed aspects of the saga, which you can find here.

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