Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Roswell Slides Info

This new one (with images) from Kevin Randle. The controversy grows ever deeper...


  1. I listened to your appearance on RM w/Greg B. I got to thinking about the elderly mystery man that called you from Midland. Have I accurately recounted your story about this? I want to ask Mr. Dew about it. Thanks for any corrections, input, or ideas you might share. See below:

    Hi SlideBox Media, Mr. Adam Dew,

    Recently, Greg Bishop at Radio Misterioso had Nick Redfern on to explain what he knew about the slides two years ago. In that program he mentions BEFORE anything went public that a Mystery Man, obviously elderly, called Nick from Midland Tx. This mystery man described unique details about the images, so Nick contacted and confirmed with the Dream Team members too that these images were being described correctly! They said that man was legit, and they sort of freaked-out that Redfern was contacted about the worth of these ET Alien slides.

    Mr. Dew: you stand by your video about the discovery of the slides. They came from your friend's sister [named Cat] that saved these slides in her garage for 10 years. Sooo, how come an old man from Midland Tx is contacting Nick two years ago about these EXACT images and about its value and worth if truly of ET origin?

    That's a confirmed "mystery man" both from Redfern and some Dream Team members that Nick ALSO confirmed from them that this elderly man is legit! The image description was correct too.

    Can you explain what this is all about? This Midland "mystery man" of elderly age somehow does NOT seem to mix in harmony with your story of the slide discovery. Are you his "front man" ? Or, do you own the rights to the slides now having obtained these from that same elderly man? Please explain what happened about this situation confirmed by at least two different sources: Redfern and Dream Team person(s) [except? KDR].

    Thanks, sincerely!

    1. Yeah, that's correct. But it's now to quite so strange as it might sound, as we know a lot of people were shown the slides over the last couple of years or were contacted to give opinions, etc, so I'm guessing it was case of someone is contacted about them, they tell someone else and etc etc. As I mentioned on the show, the caller was not the owner of the slides. But he knew enough of the story, including the names of Hilda and Bernerd Ray, which I gave to the DT before the DT released the names, so they knew he obviously knew a great deal. My personal view is that he had learned of the slides from someone and was trying to insert himself into it all, probably for money reasons, I think.

    2. One important thing: The old guy who called me did NOT have access to the slides. He did not own them. He may have seen them, I don't know. You have to remember that the slides were uncovered years ago - long before 2 years ago. He told me, and someone clearly had told him. But, he was probably a "player" who had heard something of the slides, figured he might have a chance to get in on it and earn some money, and that's why he wanted an opinion. But, given that the slides were found long before 2 years ago, its very likely he found out from someone - in the very same way I found out from him.

    3. Also: You say (Quote): "Or, do you [Dew] own the rights to the slides now having obtained these from that same elderly man?"

      No, the guy I spoke to never, ever had the slides. He knew of them, had heard of them, knew the names of the Rays, described the genitals as being slightly hidden etc. So, he knew something and this was indeed before the story was out. But, he is not the slides guy. He admitted that he didn't have them, but could kind of act as an intermediary is how I interpret his pitch to me.

  2. Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I guess no one knows who owns the rights to the slides now, correct? Except for Dew assuming his accounting in that video is correct. I think he said he's been showing the slides to "experts" for at least 3 years. Is there any information that you've learned that he had possession before that time too?

    Maybe Dew is just the ghost "front man" for himself? He is certainly the "face forward" for the documentary and whatever else they're planning. Why wouldn't he just admit he represents the "rights holders" if, in fact, he doesn't own these himself? He just has to say with all the media attention "they" want to maintain their privacy.

    My best guess is he is in partnership, and "they" split the ownership rights amongst themselves? He seems to have been doing the shopping around for years now. I wonder when he left his last paying job? That might give the best clues to when this all got ramped up.

    Appreciate any other thoughts you might want to share. Again, thanks. Oh, when this all happened two years ago with the elderly man, did you blog or write about it somewhere? If "here" or elsewhere, what search words can I use to find it? Thanks.

  3. I have to say, I honestly don't know anything about anything else on the slides, or anymore than anyone else, aside from the hacking issue, which is the subject of my new Mysterious Universe article. anything else on my part would just be speculation.