Monday, February 9, 2015

Owlman or Aliens?

There's one more new Mysterious Universe article from me (which you can read here), which starts like this:

"One of the most fascinating aspects of the UFO phenomenon – and particularly so that which focuses on the “alien abduction” controversy – is one which makes a connection between encounters of the unearthly kind and owls. There are numerous reports on file where people who have undergone UFO experiences report sightings of anomalous owls. And by 'anomalous' I mean owls that (A) manifest directly before or after the encounter and in the same location; and (B) seem to be much larger than the average, known kind of owl.

"This has led to an intriguing theory: that the sightings of owls are actually nothing of the sort. They may be nothing less than skilfully-created 'screen memories' which are implanted into the mind of the abductee or the experiencer, with the specific intent of masking the true nature of what occurred."


  1. Perhaps this is the orgin of the Native American belief of the owl as a harbinger of
    death or bad luck.

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