Thursday, February 5, 2015

Roswell Slides: Can They Change Anything?

And...another new article from me (at Mysterious Universe) on the "Roswell Slides."

This one on the reasons why even if the slides are the real deal it won't have any significant impact on Ufology, unless things can be taken several steps further...


  1. Nick,

    I've read through the press articles from July 1947, and all I see are stories about a crashed disk. They don't mention a single body. The earliest reference I can find to bodies is in a Frank Scully book, and that's in regard to Aztec, not Roswell. Do you know of any published accounts about Roswell bodies from before 1980?

  2. The closest I can think of is that in 1979 the "UFO Ohio Yearbook 1979" was published. I have a copy of this. Page 16 gives a summary of Roswell and Marcel (who is described as "Major J.M.") and Leonard Stringfield speculates the bodies of the crew were destroyed in the explosion. So, yes this is a pre-1980 published comment on the bodies, but it's not an account on the bodies from a witness, it's just an observation from a researcher.

  3. I meant it gives a summary of Marcel's story and of Roswell. I didn't mean Marcel and Stringfield speculated on the bodies. It was just Stringfield who speculated on the bodies.

  4. I remember reading a story that the UFO was actually a new capture Nazi weapon being tested.