Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Alley of Nightmares

If you're big into the whole alien abduction controversy, then there's a new (and big) book you should consider getting a copy of: Nightmare Alley: Fearsome Tales of Alien Abduction by Timothy Green Beckley.

This is an excellent new title that focuses its attention - in chapter-by-chapter form - on many of the classic cases from abduction history: Herbert Schirmer, Betty and Barney Hill, Betty Andreasson, Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker, Whitley Strieber, Charles L. Moody, Alan Godfrey, Travis Walton, as well as a lot of lesser known cases, such as the 1983 affair of Alfred Burtoo and the 1980s experiences of Christa Tilton.

Each of the above cases (and many more, too) are given good, solid treatment and commentary, along with theories, insights and much more, all relative to the respective cases under the microscope.

And, if you don't have an extensive library on abductions, but want to find out more about the subject, the players, the researchers and the abductees themselves, then Nightmare Alley is a great place to start, since you'll have all the key AA events under one cover, instead of having to dish out a lot of dosh for dozens of old - and sometimes hard to find - titles from yesteryear.

On top of that, the book also reproduces Martin Cannon's notable and thought-provoking paper (also of yesteryear and which provoked a lot of interest and controversy when it first surfaced) The Controllers, which presents the AA phenomenon in a very different light...

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