Monday, October 8, 2012

Road in the Sky Reprinted

Not too long ago, I wrote a post here on a recent, weird, and synchronicity-filled weekend I had in Los Angeles.

While there I hung out with good mate Greg Bishop, who very kindly made available for me copies of the FBI's file on 1950s Contactee, George Hunt Williamson, which had been declassified via the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, but which I had previously never seen.

(As readers of my On the Trail of the Saucer Spies and Contactees books will know, the FBI spent years watching the early Contactees such as George Adamksi and George Van Tassel.)

Well, it so happens that securing the file from Greg turned out to be very useful.

In another of those curious situations born out of synchronistic oddities (well, I consider them odd!), Tim Green Beckley contacted me recently and told me he was just about to republish one of Williamson's old books, Road in the Sky.

Tim's reason for contacting me about this was to inquire if I wanted to submit an article on Williamson for the book. But it would have to be something new, largely unseen and that added something significant to the saga.

I had, of course, the perfect thing: the FBI file on the man in question, as provided by Greg only weeks before!

Tim, of course, was highly enthused by this and, as a result, my article on Williamson and what J. Edgar Hoover's finest knew about the man appears in the new edition of Williamson's old tome.

And here's Tim to tell you more about the Road in the Sky and that file...

A STRANGE SAGA OF SAUCERS, SPACE BROTHERS, SECRET AGENTS AND ALIEN ASTRONAUTS THROUGHOUT ANTIQUITY George Hunt Williamson – known as “Brother Philip” throughout the highlands of Peru, the jungles of South and Central America, and the arid plains of the Southwest – traveled the longest highway in the world, leading him to discover a vast road into the sky that can be linked to the arrival of visitors from elsewhere in the universe throughout the ages. Within these pages are the stories of the Hopi Sun Clan, including the legends of the “Giant Star.” The secret of the Stone Tablets of Peru. The Time Spanners. The Beacon of the Gods. The Martian Miniatures. Fossils, Footprints and Fantasy. Evidence for the existence of the “Silent World,” and the reality of the Unholy Six. Also this is the book that gives: * Williamson’s behind-the-scenes battle with the FBI and the Silence Group. * His investigation into the mysterious disappearances of Hunrath and Wilkinson, who might have been murdered or abducted by UFOs. * The accusations of smuggling and his “association” with a sexy flying saucer pilot whom the FBI identified as a “ravishing woman commandant!” Williamson, sometime in his life, must have come to realize that, in America, if you try to buck the status quo or change the system you can easily be slandered and identified as a dangerous dissident, whether you are called a communist, a fascist, or a neo-Nazi. Many of the contactees of the early UFO/New Age communities were unduly slandered, as was the man aka “Brother Philip.” It was also suggested that Williamson was a “Mind-Controlled Soldier” of the Soviet Union, a label he found difficult to shake off during his years of embattlement with the “system.” How he persevered in spite of all this undeserved conflict makes for a story of true UFO heroism.

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