Saturday, October 13, 2012

RPJ and UFOs

Red Pill Junkie has a good new post up at the Intrepid Mag blog that begins like this:

"For those of us who decide to take the narrow and offbeat Fortean path, there always comes a moment when we encounter significant milestones in our journey; milestones which we can perceive as what they really are –big forks in the road– only in retrospect.

"Most of us experience the fork in the shape of a book found in the public library or local bookstore, a movie in the Sunday matinee, an influential mentor, and there are even a few privileged enough to meet the Unknown face to face. In my case, one of my biggest milestones was a dog-eared paperback edition of a book, whose suggestive title attracted me like nectar attracts the bee: UFOs & Mexico’s Archeology."

And here's the complete post....

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