Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Real Ghosts - An Excellent Read!

Looking for some good reading material tonight, the spookiest night of the year? Well, look no further!

The second edition of Brad Steiger's Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places is now available thanks to the good folks at Visible Ink Press.

Running at almost 700 pages and at a very reasonable price, this is a title that fans of specters, paranormal entities, ghosts, ghouls and much more of a supernatural nature will definitely not want to miss.

You might think that close to 700 pages of tale after tale of the ghostly kind would get very repetitive and boring after a while, but - I'm pleased to say - you would be wrong. Very wrong, in fact.

What Brad has done with Real Ghosts is to provide us with a wealth of suspense-soaked and captivating tales (best devoured by flickering candlelight, of course) that cover just about every aspect of the realm of ghosts - such as haunted locations (cemeteries, castles, houses, and old mansions), spirits of the animal variety (many of a very uplifting nature, suggesting that our furry and hairy friends experience some form of afterlife), spooks that enjoy taking road-trips (whether on ships, aircraft or trains), curious bedroom invaders, the walking dead that have a particular liking for pubs and hotels (not a bad afterlife, I'd say...), and famous ghosts of the big-screen (you'll have to read the book to find out who!).

But that's not all: Brad the Bard also delves deep into some truly sinister and malevolent puzzles of the ghostly variety, such as violent poltergeist activity, as well as undeniably hostile, parasitic entities that both torment and possess those terrified souls that cross their paranormal paths.

Of course, even with all this wealth of varied data, there's always a danger that the mind can become numbed to the core by tale after tale, particularly so if the story-teller does so in tame, bland fashion.

Fortunately, there's nothing tame or bland about Brad's writing, or about Real Ghosts. Penned with great atmosphere, a chillingly cool style that keeps the reader captivated from page to page, and a deep knowledge of the phenomena under the microscope, Brad's book is filled with entertaining menace, creeping creepiness, and tale after tale of bone-chilling proportions.

Great to read late at night while stretched out on the couch, around a camp-fire in the woods with your friends, or (if you're lucky enough to have one!) within the depths of a darkened, old dungeon.

Real Ghosts: a superb trek through the entire domain of the restless dead...

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