Friday, October 26, 2012

Posthuman Blues: In Print

This is excellent news:

Redstar Books, the new venture from Paul Kimball (a.k.a. the Squire of Halifax), has just published the first volume of Posthuman Blues, a collection of the writings of the late Mac Tonnies.

Since this particular volume just covers 2003-2004, there will, of course, be more to come in this series, thus ensuring that Mac's work, life and legacy will live on.

You can find all about the book, and how to purchase copies, right here...


  1. Really fraking-fantastic news!

    Will the books include some of the photos & pictures Mac used to post on the blog as well? the guy had a great eye for photography, and I liked his ink sketches too.

  2. No photos or anything that wasn't original with Mac. Part of it is a rights issue (I have the rights to his original work on PHB, but not stuff that he posted there created by others), and part of it is that I wanted to keep it focused on Mac.