Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gorightly on Conspiracies

Over at Red Dirt Report, Andrew W. Griffin reviews the new book from friend Adam Gorightly (Happy Trails to High Weirdness: A Conspiracy Theorist's Tour Guide), and says in part:

"Gorightly, who was first introduced to conspiracy-tinged crackpottery back in the early 1980’s via a lecture on the CIA’s alleged involvement in the JFK assassination, realized this was his calling, leading to writing gigs with Steamshovel Press, Paranoia magazine and The Excluded Middle. And it has been a life, he says, that has been 'infinitely richer and wackier.' Again, Gorightly is a seemingly happy and content crackpot who knows his stuff. He first takes us on a journey of the 'cult mecca'of Southern California and touches upon the Manson Family, George Van Tassel and 'Giant Rock,' and Krishna Venta and the 'Fountain of the World' cult, among others. And then there is Gorightly’s pilgrimage to Santa Clara’s 'Conspiracy Con' where topics addressed range from Kenn Thomas’s lecture on 'Parapolitics' to a talk about 'diabolical Reptilians.' Sounds cool!"

Is this a book you should read? Of course it is!!

The photo above (taken in December 2010 at Giant Rock, as referred to in Andrew Griffin's review) shows, from left to right, author and adventurer Walter Bosley; Andy Colvin (of the series of Mothman's Photographer books); good mate and Project Beta author, Greg Bishop; the deeply mysterious Adam Gorightly; me in hoodie; and Robert Larsen who, with Greg, founded the near-legendary Excluded Middle magazine. 

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  1. When I grow up, I wanna be a content crackpot just like Adam, too ;)