Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hexham Heads: A Great Read

I've mentioned here on several occasions my interest in the notorious, early-1970s affair of the Hexham Heads - a pair of strange, carved, stone heads that were linked to (and even seemed to provoke) sightings of a number of bizarre beasts in the north of England (and elsewhere), including a werewolf.

Well, a review copy of Paul Screeton's recently-published, full-length book on the matter, Quest for the Hexham Heads, arrived a couple of days ago, and which I started reading last night.

Even just a few chapters in, I can say this is an excellent study of the mysterious heads, and I'll be doing a full review just as soon as I have finished reading it.

If tales of strange creatures, occult phenomena, Fortean events, and just downright supernatural strangeness appeal to you, don't miss Quest for the Hexham Heads. Destined to become a Fortean classic!

Screeters has done us proud!

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