Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RPJ on the Paradigm Gig

In a new post over at the Intrepid Mag blog, Red Pill Junkie focuses on this past weekend's Paradigm Symposium gig that I spoke at and which RPJ attended. And not having met RPJ in person before, it was great to finally hang out!

RPJ starts his new post like this:

"Paradigm Symposium came, went on and ended. Yet the true Paradigm goes on still.

"As I find myself trying to return to the normal pace of my daily routines, I also realize that the true impact my trip to Minneapolis had on my personal life, will take a long time to set in.

"Picture a man lost in the middle of the desert, with no compass or supplies to aid him, desperately wandering around all alone at the mercy of the cruel sun and the treacherous sandstorms. And now imagine that poorstranded man as he’s about to lose hope and give up, suddenly stumbling upon a luscious oasis out of the pages of Arabian nights, full of friendly palm trees offering their shades that he may rest, and with a spring of cool clear water that will help him calm his terrible thirst. Imagine the taste of that first drink, after so many days of having a dry mouth and cracked lips.

"That was Paradigm Symposium for me."

But, that's not all RPJ has to say. There's much more, and all of it very intriguing...

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  1. You know, it would be interesting if Scotty and Micah would set up some sort of comment section for all the Paradigm Symposium attendees, to assess whether they report an increase in their paranormal experiences, after spending 4 days immersed in a really positively-charged atmosphere of camaraderie and open-mindedness.

    And the reason I say this is, well... because I think I myself saw a freaking UFO last night!

    And let me just add, that even though I don't have a 100% certainty about what I saw, and the sighting was painfully brief, this is one of the 1st times when I sense that the light I saw would not be able to correspond with a conventional aircraft, a bolid, or any other mundane explanations. It's a UFO because I couldn't identify it --Period.

    And as a result, I wrote this on my blog at TDG, just right after it, when my impressions were still fresh in my memory.