Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Abductions - Out of the Body

My latest Mysterious Universe article addresses a controversial aspect of alien abduction accounts. Hell, all the aspects are controversial, but for me, one stands out. It starts like this...

"One of the aspects of so-called 'alien abduction' experiences that fascinates me is the way in which some witnesses report their mind and visual-senses becoming detached from their physical body during the course of the encounter. Two cases, in particular, stand out. UFO researcher, good friend, and author Greg Bishop, says of one particularly relevant case from 1973: 'The main participant in that case was named Judy Doraty, and she had been driving back from a bingo game on May 23 of that year outside Houston, Texas, with her daughter, mother, sister, and brother-in-law.' Suddenly, everyone in the car witnessed 'a bright light in the sky' that seemed to be pacing them.

"'On their return home,' Greg continues, 'the light was still with them and, ominously, moved in closer. The family, as well as a group who came running out of the Doraty house, was shocked to see a huge disk-shaped object with rows of windows float silently over the property and across an adjacent field. It soon shot off straight up into the sky, going from ‘very, very big to very, very little in a matter of seconds,’ Doraty recalled.'"

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