Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sci-Fi or Insider Info?

When people with government, military and intelligence ties write sci-fi novels that are UFO-themed, are they just writing novels, or might they actually be revealing a few insider secrets, in the form of "faction"?

That's the question asked in my latest Mysterious Universe article...


  1. Could you offer an idea about the style of the Noyes novel? Is it more potboiler sci-fi or literary? Thanks for the post! Fascinating! And, thanks for this site from a daily visitor!

  2. Hey SD,
    It's a well written novel, but it's not like an X-Files-type "alien invasion" thing. It's more like a subtle "government puzzled by strange event" type thing. Imagine a kind of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy style thing but with UFOs as the issue not double-agents. In other words, it's a novel very steeped in behind the scenes government stuff.

  3. Sounds good! Thanks for the rundown. By the way, huge fan of your work. Thanks again for the info.