Friday, March 1, 2013

Highway to Hell

There's another new post from me at Mysterious Universe, this one on what is probably the most controversial book I have ever written: Final Events.

It starts like this:

"In early 2007, I conducted a series of extensive interviews with Ray Boeche, an Anglican priest and a former MUFON state director for Nebraska. The subject was Ray’s 1991-onwards contact with a pair of US Department of Defense physicists that were working on a classified program to contact what they termed Non-Human Entities, or NHE’s. Many within the field of Ufology might call them aliens or ETs. The group that Ray’s informants were working for defined them as something else, something very different, and something deeply controversial and ominous: demons.

"It was thanks to Ray’s revelations, in a roundabout way, that I was put on the trail of the so-called Collins Elite, whose activities I detailed in my Final Events book. The CE was (and, possibly, still is) a quasi-official think-tank-type group in government that believes the UFO phenomenon does not originate within the heart of some far away star system, but in the pits of Hell."

And here's the entire, hellish tale...

PS: I couldn't resist giving AC/DC credit in the above-title of this blog-post...

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