Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mothman Hits Africa

There's a new novel on the subject of Mothman available as of yesterday. Its title: U'buntu: Mothman of Africa. The author: Don Tynan.

About the book we're told:

"As the title suggests, the story is set primarily in Africa. After the indescribably brutal slaying of a farmer’s family he takes his own life. His mournful wails incite Mothman to exact revenge on the butchers. The African Philosophy of U’buntu suggests that not only should the perpetrators of crimes suffer punishment, but also the greater society in which they live. Following this idea U’buntu locates the murderers who have fled to a nearby shantytown..."

If you're someone who just has to buy everything of a Mothman nature, you know what to do: click on the link!

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