Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Werewolves in Argentina

"Kyle Van Helsing" has a new post at his The Demon Hunter's Compendium blog, which digs very deep into the world of a strange and ominous beast of werewolf-style proportions known as the Lobizon.

KVH starts like this...

"When someone mentions the word werewolf, images of a full moon, silver bullets, and hairy man-beasts with a hunger for human flesh come to mind. Although not every culture shares that image, shapeshifting beasts can be found all over the world in differing forms. In the South American country of Argentina, a creature called El Lobizon (sometimes known as the Lobison) is spoken of in hushed whispers. The word lobizon itself means 'sons of the wolves.' While most of modern society refuses to believe in the existence of werewolves and other such creatures of the night, the terror that this beast holds over the people of Argentina is very real.

"The Lobizon as the people of South America know it (the beast is also known and reported in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil) is a bit different from the Western notion of the Werewolf. According to legend, the Lobizon is a type of Werewolf (some say that the beast is a weredog or a werefox of some kind) that is most often described as being quadrupedal (that is, walking on four legs), but is occasionally seen walking on it’s hind legs."

And here's the complete article...



  1. Thanks again, Nick!! "Kyle Van Helsing" is just an alias that I go by for my blog, though.

  2. Yep, I knew was an alias, but I figured would use the name as it appears at the blog.

  3. Nick - you mention somewhere about the werewolves connected to the Nazis -- just like the Argentine church:

    Pope accused of turning his back on family who lost five relatives to brutal regime in Argentina's 'Dirty War'

    Read more:

    Pope Francis’ Junta Past: Argentine Journalist on New Pontiff’s Ties to Abduction of Jesuit Priests