Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Black Eyed Children at BOA

Black Eyed Children, by David Weatherly, is an excellent and creepy book for which I wrote the foreword.

And, I'm very pleased that David has been getting some very good publicity for the book, including at Binnall of America.

Indeed, Tim Binnall has done a big interview with David all about his book, the theories for what the BEC might be, and much more.

Here's Tim to tell you all about it:

"David Weatherly: The Black Eyed Children 2 Hours, 30 Minutes: BoA:Audio examines the bizarre and chilling Black Eyed Kids phenomenon which has recently emerged from the world of the paranormal as we welcome David Weatherly, author of the book The Black Eyed Children. Over the course of this lengthy conversation, we'll discuss how the Black Eyed Kids (BEKs) enigma first burst onto the scene of esoterica, some of the truly mindbending aspects associated with the phenomenon including strange smells, hypnotic effects, and potential psychic abilities, and we'll look at how BEKs compare and contrast with various other paranormal entities, like aliens, ghosts, demons, and MIBs. Additionally, we'll hear a number terrifying and troubling stories of BEK encounters. It is a comprehensive and compelling conversation which aims to pull the curtain back on the furtive and frightening Black Eyed Kids phenomenon with accomplished esoteric researcher David Weatherly."

And here's where you can find the complete interview. Don't miss this one! David (pictured below when we were both speaking at the Paradigm Symposium last year) is doing some excellent research into this weird and eerie field...


  1. I wonder if these are mass-imagination tulpas derived from the Village of the Damned movies. The 90s remake seems to time up well with the emergence of this phenomenon.

    I wish the book were available for Kindle...

  2. Hello Nick, I`m trying to see if there is a link between BEK`s and Animal Mutilations and missing pets. Please do you know of a map showing BEK sightings in the UK or USA, from there I can check the areas for missing pets or mutilations and whether or not the time periods of the sightings and mutilations coincide.
    Yours Sincerely Peter

  3. Hey Peter, I don't personally know of a connection between the BEK and mutes, but if anyone knows it's David Weatherly. He's definitely the expert on the subject. Best, Nick