Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bigfoot and Food: What Food?


Over at, there's a new Lair of the Beasts article from me that focuses on one aspect of the Bigfoot mystery that has always intrigued me - the matter of what it eats...

Here's how the article begins:

"Many researchers of the Bigfoot phenomenon take the view that the hairy, man-like beasts are some form of unknown ape. Or, they suggest that the creatures may represent a surviving, relic population of the presumed long-extinct, ancient ape known as Gigantopithecus, I, however, do not. Rather, I take the stance that Bigfoot is stranger than either of the above scenarios; in fact, much stranger. Indeed, it’s fair to say I think Bigfoot is a beast of paranormal – rather than flesh and blood – origins. There’s a good reason I say that. It has to do with Bigfoot’s eating habits. Or, more correctly, it’s lack of eating habits."

And here's where you can find the complete post, and where those who believe Bigfoot is a flesh-and-blood animal, and nothing else, can comment, vent their fury at my words, wave their arms, and burn me in effigy. Pissing people off is not a bad way to start a Saturday.

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  1. I find it incredible that no-one seems to have found any Bigfoot kills. There was always opinion that the Yeti fed on vegetation eevn though Sherpas spoke of yak's being attacked. Despite trhe elusive nature of an animal like, say, a aleopard, there are still signs of scat, paw prints and kills, so surely the lack of kills in regards to Bigfoot suggests an ethereal creature rather than real beast, as you say. I now wait to see the burning effigy's of you on the news ha!