Friday, June 15, 2012

A Giant-Sized Saga...

I've investigated a hell of a lot of weird shit in my time, and have heard just about everything, but this story - outlined in a new post from me at Cryptomundo and at length in my 2008 book, There's Something in the Woods - is just about the strangest...

Cattle-mutilations, giant insects, black helicopters, huge flying ants and more are all integral parts of a story of (literally!) monstrous proportions!


  1. The woman is a nut job. It is physically impossible for insects to grow so large. The exoskeleton would make it imposable to move. Added to that the insect repertory system of spiracles could not defuse enough oxygen to a body of that size.

  2. Hey Rich

    Well, yes! It was a great theory, well thought out, but of course: unfeasible and impossible!