Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top 10s X 3

A lot of people assume that the only things I write about are things of a paranormal nature. Not true! I actually write for all sorts of companies on all sorts of things!

And here's 3 examples: my latest Top 10-style articles for a UK web-based company I write for called EHow.

1. Top 10 rockers who should be dead but aren't (you know who is at number one, of course...).

2. Top 10 infamous moments on UK TV.

3. And, finally, Top 10 banned records (a certain song about the Queen of England just has to be in the top slot...)


  1. Nick

    You forgot
    Shane Macgowan... Probably the best lyricist out of Ireland / UK.

  2. Funny shane shows up in your last segment, i was and still am. A big pogues fan, got hooked in the mid 80s back in new england, ended up being a roadie for. U2 with the. Pogues opening for them. That was many lifetimes ago...

  3. Nick, I'm mention of Nikki Sixx who probably did more heroin in the '80s than the entire glam scene put together...and he actually died and came back! I think Ozzy and Keith deserve to be above Lemmy as they are literally the walking dead!

  4. Hey Neil

    Unfortunately, the guidelines for the article limited me to UK rockers only!