Thursday, June 21, 2012

A UFO and a Slug-Like Thing

Stan Gordon, author of the excellent Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook, has very generously let me share with you a fascinating new article from him titled Pennsylvania Close Encounter with a UFO & Slug-Like Creature.

As you'll see, it appears to blend the UFO phenomenon with Cryptozoology - a theme very present in Stan's Silent Invasion.

You can find all about Stan's decades-long work at his website,

And here's his new article:

"I received a telephone message on my answering machine at 12:32 a.m., on May 8, 2012 from a man who reported seeing a strange aerial object at close range just a short time before he called. I was able to make contact with him at around 10 a.m. at which time I conducted a detailed interview with the man involved. There were additional interviews that followed as well. The man noticed the object hovering at close range after the inside of his living room was illuminated by its lights.

"One of the first questions the man asked me was if the object could be a 'weather plane' since there was lightning off in the distance. During our initial interview the man suddenly brought up that until I had called him back to talk about what he had observed, he had blanked out the UFO sighting encounter and had forgotten about it, and this seemed disturbing to him.  Upon seeing the object, the man attempted to video tape it as it moved off in the distance. Unfortunately, very little detail could be seen on the short video. Researcher and electronics specialist Jim Brown attempted to try to work with the footage to obtain more details but was unable to do so.  Jim stated, 'There is simply not enough resolution to determine any detail to it.'

"My research associate, Keith Bastianini, an archeologist and graphic artist, went to the location to conduct an on scene investigation and a first- hand interview with the man involved. Some very interesting additional details surfaced during that interview.  The following is a summary from Keith Bastianini’s report:

"The sighting occurred in Washington County, Pennsylvania, at approximately 11:10 p.m. on May 7, 2012.  The witness was in the living room of his second floor home while his wife was asleep in the bedroom at the time of the sighting.  The night was overcast and although it was not raining, there were thunderstorms on the horizon producing lightening that occasionally lit the sky. The witness was sitting on the couch watching television when the room was suddenly illuminated by brilliant white light streaming in from the window to his right.  Rising from the couch and moving to the window which looks out over the rear parking area, the witness found the source of the light to be an unknown aircraft hovering low atop an electrical pole.

"The 'aircraft' resembled a football (the pointed ends aligned vertically), with two perpendicular light arrays in the middle.  The witness estimated each light array measured approximately 30 feet in length.  Each array supported seven round lights which reminded the witness 'of baseball stadium lights.'  A square-lined grill covered each of the lights.  Three darker bands (similar to the white stripes on a football) encircled the 'craft. The witness noted the object appeared to be of seamless' fabrication.  

"The witness tried to think about what the 'craft' could be, rationalizing that with the weather conditions outside, he was seeing some 'weather plane or helicopter.'  But given the proximity of the object hovering approximately 100 feet away outside the window - 'There should have been some sound…especially if it was a helicopter!  It should have shook the whole damn building, but there was no sound whatsoever!'

"Although shocked by what he was seeing, the witness was determined to capture a picture of the object and went back to the couch where he had earlier been playing with his Sony PlayStation Vita which contained a camera. Back at the window, the witness raised the Vita to target the object in the view finder when it veered swiftly to the left and out of sight.  'Almost as if it knew I was going to take a picture,' he said. Barefoot, the witness darted from his home and down the steps to the front door (in the direction the UFO moved) still hoping to get a picture.

"At the door, he was rewarded with a view of the 'craft' moving rapidly to the south. He raised the Vita and shot video of the departing object until '…it made a right turn like a car would…' and shot from sight. The witness observed that the rear of object looked different from the 'football shape' he first observed as it moved away – 'more like a rectangle with a triangle shape beneath it.'  Also of note, only five lights that blinked alternately red and white were now visible.   

"The witness stated that the portion of the sighting as viewed from the living room window was only a matter of seconds although afterwards he had the impression that it was actually 'longer.'  Some time confusion was evident. The witness initially believed the sighting occurred about midnight but checking the time as recorded on the video places the sighting at 11:10 p.m. A check of the calibration of the camera’s clock function showed no error in the recordation of time. The witness has no explanation for his distorted memory of the time. The witness also stated that he had the distinct feeling that the 'craft' was occupied and that the occupants were aware of his presence.

"When the witness was asked if he noted any physical effects following the sighting, he stated that for 2 days afterwards he experienced 'weird' periods of confusion and forgetfulness during conversations or other activities. He attributed it to post-excitement adding he's never experienced anything like it before. The witness also reported that he didn't sleep well that night expecting 'them' to come back for him. 

"The witness also reported a strange creature sighting during the daylight portion of the day of the UFO encounter. He speculated: 'They (the UFO occupants) left something – I think that’s why they were here.' The witness then led this reporter to a rubble pile of concrete fragments adjacent to the area where the UFO hovered and he recounted finding a large slug-like creature slithering in the weeds. The 'thing' was shiny black like a slug with no apparent eyes or appendages. It measured between 2.5 - 3 feet in length and 7 - 8 inches in thickness. As the witness watched the 'thing' withering around in the weeds it slithered into a hole in the rubble pile. He reported checking the area periodically since the sighting hoping to capture a picture of the 'thing.'"


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