Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"They" are watching...

In my latest article at Mysterious Universe, I begin:

"As I noted here just recently, I have had several curious experiences that seem to suggest - quite strongly at times – I have been the subject of some degree of official surveillance as a result of my UFO pursuits – directly or indirectly. And much of that very same surveillance appears to have been in the form of telephone-based monitoring and interference.

"This is not exactly surprising, since I do a lot of research (and interviews with witnesses) via the phone. But, just in case you think this is all simply a case of me – and only me – getting overly paranoid and seeing the sinister Men in Black just about here, there and everywhere, it’s worth noting I’m far from alone when it comes experiencing, or commenting upon, such matters..."

Yep, the secret eyes of the saucer-watchers are everywhere...

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