Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's In A Name?

When you work in the very precarious field of freelance writing, you go wherever the work is and no matter what it might be.

And here's an example: my latest Top 10 article for on the UK's most unfortunate surnames...


  1. Those were all good/unfortunate double-entendre names, but two of my favorite strange British surnames are Wigglesworth and Twelvetrees. Wigglesworth just sounds like the last name of a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Twelvetrees sounds Native American, but is particularly English. (I guess it goes back to the middle ages, and described how many trees someone who indeed had trees needed to keep on his property at any one time, in case the wood was needed by the king -- something like that.)

    There's a rugby player for Leicester named Billy Twelvetrees. His captain's Irish, and nicknamed Billy "36" (the Irish accented "three" sounds like "tree," and twelve 3's is 36.)

  2. I've always found the name Cabeza de Vaca (Cow Head) to be rather unfortunate. Suppose that was your last name, and you happened to be lactose intolerant? ;)