Monday, June 4, 2012

Kingman, a Crashed UFO, and a Contactee

In a new post at Mysterious Universe, I kick off with the following words:

"Back in 1973, a man named Arthur Stansel – using the alias of Fritz Werner – provided the respected UFO researcher Ray Fowler with an extraordinary and controversial affidavit concerning nothing less than an alleged crashed UFO event in Kingman, Arizona two decades earlier. It went like this…

"'I, Fritz Werner, do solemnly swear that during a special assignment with the U.S. Air Force, on May 21, 1953, I assisted in the investigation of a crashed unknown object in the vicinity of Kingman, Arizona. The object was constructed of an unfamiliar metal which resembled brushed aluminum. It had impacted twenty inches into the sand without any sign of structural damage. It was oval and about 30 feet in diameter. An entranceway hatch had been vertically lowered and opened.”

Here's the rest of the post, which delves into seriously weird ufological territory that involves a crashed UFO and one of the most controversial and derided Contactees of all time (no, his first name wasn't George!).

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