Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Pyramids and the Pentagon: Reviewed

Over at The UFO Iconoclasts(s), Rich Reynolds reviews my latest book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon.

In part, Rich says: "Noah’s ark, ancient levitation techniques (use in constructing the monuments of old), the Mayan and Incan ruins, crop circles, vampires, the Philadelphia experiment, dimension hopping, the face on Mars, UFOs (of course), atomic annihilation, immortality, sacred mushrooms, Marian apparitions, Stonehenge, and crop circles are just some – some! – of the encyclopedic-like accounts that Nick has gathered for this book."

And you can find the full review right here.


  1. Nick, FYI, I bought a copy (hard-copy since your publisher appears to be anti-kindle) and I'm going to read it on my vacation. I'll post an review when I return; I'm looking forward to the read!


  2. Hey John

    All my books from New Page are available on Kindle, including the new book.

    Here's a list of Kindle titles from me:

  3. A reviewer of these new book of yours, at a Seattle newspaper, says, "The author suggests that Noah's Ark is a carved out UFO crash site."

    Really? Does that mean that Noah was the pilot of a UFO?

  4. Hey Loren

    Thanks for alerting me to this. I actually don't say anything of the sort re suggesting that. Rather, I cite the testimony of a man whose father worked in the military and knew of photos of the alleged ark that supposedly showed something made of metal, rather than wood.

    The guy's father knew of research done into the Ark by a group called Moon Dust - which (as you'll see if you Google it) was a real military project to recover and exploit advanced non-US technologies.

    So, what I did was to refer to the guy's story, tell the details, and demonstrate how he and his father came to believe that Noah's Ark, and also cited other researchers who had suggested a similar possibility.

    But as for me personally, no I don't suggest that. The interviewees and their data suggests that. But, that's two very different issues! And, in the book, I make it clear when i am saying things and offering a theory vs. when the interviewees are saying things.