Friday, June 22, 2012

Really weird...

Good friend Naomi West has a new post at her All This Pudding blog that makes for fascinating reading. And it's deeply weird too!

Here's the link.

And here's what I told Naomi in an email when she shared the info with me:

"It kind of reminded me a bit of the 'Missing Thunderbird' photo, where people spoke of seeing the photo decades ago, and now it can't be found. Makes me wonder if these things did happen and entities are playing around with the timeline so that things that did happen later on didn't happen. A far-out theory, but worth considering!"

The picture above shows Naomi and her husband (and also a great friend) Richie, when they came up to visit in 2010. The site is the stretch of road on which JFK was assassinated in November 1963. Yep, another big mystery!

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