Friday, June 22, 2012

UFOs, Slugs and Worms...

Further to that weird-but-intriguing story I posted yesterday which was provided by Stan Gordon and that focused on a recent case involving a UFO and a slithering slug-like creature, here's a a new post from me at Cryptomundo on a very similar case.

This one appears in my newly-published book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon, and revolves around a 1962 event concerning a weird ball of light (still a definitive UFO) and a writhing worm-like animal in the ancient, famous stones at Avebury, England.

In fact, I'm reliably informed that this very stone - at the forefront of this photo - is where all the wormy action occurred...

Two cases, half a century apart, both UFO-themed and both involving very similar creatures. Is this just a one-off coincidence? Or does anyone know of any other cases of a similar nature?

And, of course, folkloric tales of weird worms on the loose are rife in old English folklore and legend, such as the famous Lambton Worm, shown below in an 1890 illustration:

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