Friday, February 1, 2013

A Monster Diary Q&A

Over at The Examiner there's a new Q&A with me about my most recent book, Monster Diary: On the Road in Search of Strange and Sinister Creatures, published by Anomalist Books.

The interview was done a couple of weeks ago with Jeffery Pritchett, and here's a taster of it, with an excerpt from the first question and answer...

You can find the complete interview right here.

1. Nick, in your book Monster Diary On the Road in Search of Strange and Sinister Creatures, in your introduction you get into the Cryptozoologist's stubborn view of all creatures being flesh and blood and renouncing the paranormal. Sasquatch comes to mind. I agree whole heartily! Could you get into this with us?

NR: Yeah, sure. Basically, there are many creatures within Cryptozoology that appear to be something less - or more - than mere flesh and blood, at least as we understand it. Granted, it's an aspect of the subject that many researchers ignore or dismiss. And even though these cases - rogue cases might be a good term to use - are certainly not in the majority, when you have reports, even if it's only in the several dozens or thereabouts, of Bigfoot seen at the same time and place as strange lights in the sky, or when the creature vanishes in a flash of light, or monster hunters begin to have weird synchronicities when they look for these things, I think we have to start looking into other realms. Most of these things are so elusive it almost defies belief for them to be regular animals. But, there's no doubt these things exist. It's just the nature of that existence I question, not whether they are real or not. Only a nut, an oaf - I like that word - or a weak and unsure mind in total denial would deny the tremendous body of data in support of their existence.

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