Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kithra and the Cornish Hare

For those who, like me, have a fascination for British folklore, the new article from Kithra will be of interest.
It starts as follows...
"Hares have had a mystical reputation around the world, and here in Cornwall there are myths surrounding the white hare.
"The most famous belief about white hares in Cornwall is that they are the spirits of girls who had been deserted by their lovers; as a result of which the girls died broken-hearted due to grief. Thus, with their spirit being unable to rest, they chose the form of a white hare in which to return and haunt their deserters. In this guise they are invisible to all except the one who jilted them, and they will haunt him until he finally dies.
"For both fishermen and miners hares were associated with witchcraft and deemed to be ill omens. Whether on board a ship or down a mine they were thought to bring bad luck and would be chased away by not only miners but also farmers who believed they were witches in an altered form."

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