Monday, February 11, 2013

The Mechanical Gorilla

In a new post at his Forteana Blog, Andrew May begins...
"Here is a new novelette packed with Fortean themes. It’s got cryptozoology (ghostly-seeming apemen in the woods), sinister government secrets (Cold War bunkers and Men in Black) and a gateway to a parallel universe. It even name-drops the one-and-only Nick Redfern!"
So, what is Andrew's new book, The Mechanical Gorilla, all about? Here's a few more words from the man himself...
"...Once I’d started thinking about it, I realized I could merge in various other ideas that were at the back of my mind – Nick Redfern’s theories about the nature of British 'apeman' sightings, and my fascination with Cold War politics and secret underground installations. Mix in some convincing-sounding technobabble and an old-fashioned beginning-middle-end plot, and The Mechanical Gorilla was the result!"
And here's the link to Andrew's complete post, along with info on where you can purchase The Mechanical Gorilla.

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