Friday, February 22, 2013

MIB - Twice!

If, like me, you're fascinated by the mystery of the menacing Men in Black, then there's good news: there are two, good new articles on the subject at Mysterious Universe. The first is from Micah Hanks, which begins as follows...

"After the initial stirring media reports of 'flying saucers' began to claim the attention of postwar America, it wasn’t long before sci-fi and aviation enthusiasts, as well as journalists and the generally curious, began forming clubs and organizations aimed at 'cracking' the saucer mystery. Few would have guessed back then, at the outset of this cultural phenomenon, that more than a century later, the interest in this subject would remain so strong, largely because no clear solution to the UFO mystery has been offered, aside from speculation that still involves aliens visiting earth, time travelers, secret technologies, back engineering, and an entire host of other things.

"Then again, it is within the UFO literature itself that we also find references to another cultural phenomenon, of sorts, contained neatly within its own secretive sub-genre of oddity; this involves the Men in Black, beings whose popularity today is good cause for no further description being needed here as to who or what these characters are believed to be. But despite their popularity as a cultural phenomenon all to themselves, is there a chance that some aspects of the MIB mystery might even be explained by the careful cross-examination of source materials that support their existence?"

And here's Micah's complete post...

Here's the second new article at Mysterious Universe on the MIB, this one from Jason Offutt:

"When 20-year-old Walter woke, the red, glowing lights of his bedside alarm clock read 88:88. He quickly saw the clock wasn’t the only thing wrong in his room. 'Standing above it was a man-sized black shadow with glowing red eyes,' Walter said. 'I looked right at him, and was more confused then anything.'

"Walter, now 28, has always been used to strange things in his room. During many nights as a small child, the thin blanket of light crawling into his room from nearby streetlights would slowly dim until he couldn’t see anything. Although he was too young to remember, family members told him this is when the voices came out. 'At that time what I was told was imaginary friends would come and I’d talk to them,' he said. 'Even now when I’m in a dark room it’s like I can still hear the whispers of others and even during times of danger there is always a voice that warns me to take action.'"

And here's Jason's full article...


  1. Todellinen Mysteeri - When I first saw this I thought it was The Blues Brothers for a minute.

  2. Maybe that's where they got the cover idea from...

  3. Nick..
    Birmingham city f.c. and our current managerial problems and season so far-?
    That's the topic of mystery you must concentrate on in a future book. Gypsy's curse (still)?
    Love your input on mysterious universe.
    I'm going to buy your books on MIBs this Christmas.
    Cheers mate